The AgSat Story

It’s no secret that agriculture’s digital revolution is well underway. Canadian farmers are using these exciting tools to grow more food while managing costs and protecting their land and water. Companies have developed digital platforms that make these tools accessible to individual farm operations. These platforms are powerful, helpful – and, for many, too expensive.

Given its many benefits, agriculture’s digital revolution shouldn’t just be for the farmers with the deepest pockets, the most land and the best grasp of technology. What about the rest of us? That’s where AgSat comes in.

AgSat is made possible through a partnership between the Alberta Federation of Agriculture (AFA) and Aquanty Inc. We believe that AgSat fills an important gap in the marketplace and puts essential, affordable satellite imagery within reach of virtually any Canadian farm producer.

Farming’s digital revolution? Bring it on. Let’s make sure that no farmer is left behind.

AFA is Alberta’s producer-funded general farm association based in Lacombe, Alberta with a mandate to work for the benefit of all agricultural producers in Alberta. Aquanty is a leading-edge water resources science and technology firm based in Waterloo, Ontario, specializing in predictive analytics, simulation and forecasting, research services, and Internet of Things.

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