Data essentials for farm decision-making.

Sentinel-2 NDVI

Satellite Imagery

Scout fields from your computer or smartphone in near-real-time. Track your farm’s crop and pasture health. Calculate carbon and water-holding capacity on your land.

AAFC Annual Crop Inventory


Track multiple farm areas, even if they aren’t continuous. See land contours and cropping with detailed soil maps. Make informed decisions with the latest crop inventories.

Weather Radar


Get daily access to your land’s soil temperature and moisture. See daily estimates of snow depth and snow water equivalent. Plot recent weather radar and daily accumulated precipitation over your farm.


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  • Outline your fields and define up to Areas of Interest (AOIs) up to a maximum of acres in total
  • Retrieve recent 10- to 30-meter resolution satellite imagery within your AOIs
  • Purchase higher-resolution satellite imagery within your AOIs, down to 1 meter or better
  • Overlay soils maps, meteorological layers, and daily snow maps
  • Estimate the ecosystem goods and services potential of your land

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  • Designed for consultants providing agricultural services
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  • Define up to 96 Areas of Interest (AOIs) up to a maximum of 10,000 acres in total

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AgSat is an online toolbox of open source and satellite information that provides farm producers across Canada with essential farm data. By using AgSat, farm producers can optimize their agricultural production decisions, and pinpoint areas on their land that may need more attention.

AgSat is made possible through a partnership between the Alberta Federation of Agriculture (AFA) and Aquanty Inc. AFA and Aquanty believe that AgSat fills an important gap in the marketplace in bringing essential, affordable farm data within reach for virtually any Canadian farm producer.

AFA is Alberta’s producer-funded general farm association based in Lacombe, Alberta with a mandate to work for the benefit of all agricultural producers in Alberta. Aquanty is a leading-edge water resources science and technology firm based in Waterloo, Ontario, specializing in predictive analytics, simulation and forecasting, research services, and Internet of Things.