See your farm in a whole new way.

See your farm in a whole new way.
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AgSat brings advanced satellite imagery and land analytics data sources together into one place — your hands.


Quickly locate and view your land through state-of-the-art satellite imagery.


Check on soil conditions, crop and pasture health and recent weather.


Review past land and crop data when making critical farm decisions.


Spend time and money where you’ll get the best return, avoid unproductive costs.

AgSat makes it simple and affordable to get high-quality satellite images of your land throughout the year. Put next-generation technology at the center of your farm operation.

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AgSat Features

See the difference that high resolution makes

Low-resolution imagery is a great way to identify areas of concern, but sometimes low-res just isn't good enough. Fortunately, AgSat is a direct pipeline to high-resolution imagery providers. Our easy-to-use imagery store puts high-res imagery into your hands in just a few clicks.

Use the slider below to see the difference a few meters resolution can make!

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