Track soil moisture and temperature.
Monitor crop progress and agronomic threats.
Stay on top of weather as it develops.
Farm with better information and more confidence.

Farming with AgSat

AgSat gives you accurate, timely, high-quality satellite images of your land – on demand. You can quickly and easily retrieve recent 10- to 30-meter resolution satellite imagery. Need a better look? Purchase higher-resolution imagery, down to 1 meter or better.

Seeing your land from a satellite’s perspective can make a real difference to how you farm.

See the difference that high resolution makes

Low-resolution imagery is a great way to identify areas of concern, but sometimes low-res just isn't good enough. Fortunately, AgSat is a direct pipeline to high-resolution imagery providers. Our easy-to-use imagery store puts high-res imagery into your hands in just a few clicks.

Use the slider below to see the difference a few meters resolution can make!

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